If you’re recently divorced, maybe the thought of finding someone new hasn’t even crossed your mind. After all, chances are that you’re feeling a lot of different emotions. You might feel sad at the loss of your relationship. You might feel relieved that the fighting is over. You might even feel angry at the way things worked out. No matter what emotions you’re experiencing, rest assured that you are going through a completely normal part of divorce recovery. Once you have finished grieving, however, it is important that you jump back into the world of dating. No matter how long it has been since your divorce, there are a few ways that you can start dating again.

Your close friends can help

First off, let your friends know that you’re looking for someone new. Chances are that they have at least one eligible single friend that you might be interested in. Even if they don’t have a close friend, they may know of a single person at work who is also interested in starting a new relationship. While blind dating isn’t for everyone, it does offer you a new way to meet someone fresh and to possibly begin a relationship with. Consider meeting up for drinks with a group of friends at first to avoid any pressure or stress that could accompany one-on-one dating.

Online dating

Another way to meet someone new is to look online. Did you know that there are dozens of dating sites designed to help you find someone perfect for you? Whether you’re looking for someone who is of the same religion as you or simply another divorcee, a dating site gives you the perfect place to connect with other like-minded individuals who are also looking for a special someone.

Tips when dating

When you do find someone that you connect with, make sure that you take things slow. Never feel pressured to rush into a personal, committed relationship with someone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your potential partner know that you don’t want to date exclusively. If someone pressures you into a relationship or makes it clear that they have other expectations for the partnership, don’t be embarrassed or uncomfortable with ending the relationship.
Finally, always be up front and honest with the person you’re dating. Don’t hide the fact that you’re divorced, that you have kids, or that you recently ended your marriage. While there’s nothing wrong with being discreet about your prior relationship, if you plan to pursue a long-term partnership with someone, you need to be honest about your marriage.

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