The bedroom is undeniably the most romantic place in your home – a private space where you and your spouse or partner can relax, unwind and enjoy a special connection and intimacy. The way you decorate this most intimate of spaces can make a huge difference in your romantic life and make your relationship even more fulfilling.

If you are planning to redecorate your home, you might want to look at the bedroom with a romantic eye. There are plenty of decorating tips and tricks you can use to make this special space an even more inviting and romantic place to be.

Turn the Lights Down

One of the simplest things you can do to make your bedroom more romantic is to switch out the traditional lights for dimmer switches. Lighting does more than help you see – it sets the mood for all your romantic adventures. The lighting you choose can make a huge difference and make your intimate encounters that much more fulfilling.

Voice-activated dimmable lights are the ultimate romantic indulgence, allowing you to change the mood with the sound of your voice. You can even experiment with different coloured lights to create a more romantic and inviting setting.

Create a Fluffy Love Nest

The quality of your bedding can play a big role in your romantic life, so pay careful attention to how you build your love nest. From cosy comforters to stylish throw pillows, there are plenty of ways to make your bed, and your bedroom, look its best.

If you cannot remember when you last replaced your mattress, you might want to start your renovations there. An old sagging mattress can leave your back feeling sore and deprive you of much-needed rest. A poor-quality mattress can even interfere with your love life, but replacing it could really perk things up.

Use Color to Set the Mood

You might think that painting your walls a soothing shade of red would be the best way to set a romantic mood, but softer tones may be more appropriate. Painting your walls in pastel shades like light blue, caramel, beige and even pink can set a wonderful tone for your romantic adventures and make the entire room look more inviting.

If you want to create even more beauty and drama, try painting the trim in a contrasting shade or adding romantic stencils to the borders of the room. You can even find stick-and-peel stencils so you can change the look and feel of the room whenever the mood strikes you.

Make the Bedroom a Text-Free Zone

Nothing kills the romantic mood as fast as a ringing phone or incoming text message. If you want to make your bedroom more romantic, institute a strict no gadget policy and keep your smartphone, tablet and laptop on the other side of the wall. You might miss a few text messages, but you will gain a new intimacy with your partner.

Use Some Aromatherapy

Romance may begin with the eyes, but the nose has a big role to play. Scented candles and other aromatherapy elements can make your bedroom more romantic and put you and your partner in the mood.

Look for soothing scents and place scented candles around the room – on the bedside table, along the windowsills and in the master bath. The scent should be pleasant and subtle – you should know it is there but it should not overwhelm you and your partner.

Your bedroom should be a safe haven from a troubled world – a place where you and your spouse or partner can relax, unwind and forget about the problems of the day. How you decorate your most personal space can make a huge difference, so feel free to incorporate the above tips to create a more romantic and inviting bedroom.

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