Every relationship has its ups and downs. But, there is a difference between normal, everyday struggles and more serious difficulties. Certain problems can be a strong indicator that a relationship is in major trouble. If you are with someone, you should be aware of the six big warning signs of a failing relationship.

  1. You no longer communicate well. Quality communication is a must for a healthy relationship. Couples that lose the ability to communicate well typically drift slowly apart over time, eventually becoming almost strangers to each other. Most problems or disagreements in a relationship can only be resolved by talking, so bad communication can also lead to a whole host of other difficulties. If you and your partner are speaking to each other less and less as time goes on, the two of you may be headed for trouble.
  2. You don’t miss each other when you are apart. A couple must enjoy each other’s company. While it’s only natural to spend some time on your own, being back with your partner should be something you look forward to. If this prospect fills you with indifference or dread instead, your relationship is likely in serious trouble. After all, being with each other is what a relationship is all about. If your time together is no longer a positive experience, how could your relationship possibly survive?
  3. All you do is fight. Arguments and emotional conflicts are an inevitable part of all relationships. No matter how close two people may be, they will not be in complete agreement on every issue. However, fights should not form the bulk of your interaction with your partner. If it seems like every word out of your mouth is harsh and negative, your relationship may be failing. Too much conflict and negativity will, in the end, destroy even the strongest of bonds.
  4. You don’t like each other anymore. The biggest warning sign for a failing relationship is probably the loss of friendly, positive feelings for each other. Without a strong foundation of mutual affection and love, any relationship is likely doomed. If behaviors or personality quirks that were once mild annoyances seem now severely obnoxious or unpleasant, or if you can’t even remember why you fell in love with your partner in the first place, your relationship is on the rocks.
  5. You can’t imagine future happiness. Every couple goes through rough patches, in which discontent and dissatisfaction may dominate. While trying, in a healthy relationship these tough times won’t shake your belief in the two of you as a couple. You should both be able to look towards the future with mutual hope and trust, even if you are at odds in the moment. In contrast, if you have hard time envisioning any sort of happy future together, your relationship may be on the brink of failure.

Of course, some relationships should end. If you and your partner no longer enjoy each other’s company, or if you can no longer imagine a future together, a breakup is most likely a good thing. But, if you do want to stay together and have a healthy, positive, enjoyable partnership, being aware of the danger signs of a failing relationship can be very important. Knowing the six warning signs described above might just help you keep your own relationship on track.