Sound Reasons to Adopt a Child

Thousands of children are born every day in various locations throughout the world. The luckiest of these children are born to loving parents who can offer a stable environment. Less fortunate children are born to parents who are not ready for the responsibility of raising a child. Such children often end up in the adoption process. Do you feel that there is a gap in your life that you cannot fill? Could you offer a safe, loving home to a child? If so, you might wish to consider adopting a child. There are many excellent reasons to offer a home to a child that you did not conceive.

You Can Provide
Obviously there is no sense in adopting a child unless you are financially stable. However if you are financially comfortable, you could consider adoption. Financially stable couples are in an excellent position to provide shelter, clothing, food, medical care and educational opportunities to a child who would otherwise have had lead a miserable life.

You Can Share
Raising an adopted child is about more than providing for its material needs and sharing your resources. Adoption also provides the adoptive parents with the opportunity to share their values, traditions, beliefs and religious faith.  When you share your beliefs, ideas, and values with a child, you help him to develop into a decent adult.

You’ll Make a Difference
The world is full of poverty, hardship, and struggling. Many people from less affluent countries live without the luxuries and necessities that the developed world takes for granted. Every day people starve, live on the streets without shelter, fight in horrific wars, struggle against severe oppression, and succumb to incurable diseases that are actually preventable. Some people in the developed world ignore this suffering because they think that one person cannot make a difference. If you adopt a child from an impoverished country and offer it a decent life, you can say that you made a difference in your own small way. This is an honorable reason to adopt a child.

Many couples decide to adopt because they have difficulty conceiving a child of their own. Fertility treatment is expensive, and there are no guarantees. Would you be better off spending that money on a needy child that is already here in the world? Adoption gives infertile couples the opportunity to love and raise a child in need of loving parents.

Labor Issues
Some couples decide to adopt a child because it allows the woman to avoid going through the process of labor. Labor is a painful experience that can endanger the health of both mother and child. Adoption is an especially prudent option for women with serious health issues such as heart disease.

Genetic Diseases
Some couples avoid conceiving a child naturally because there is a history of genetic disease in the family.  For instance, if you have a sister with cystic fibrosis, you might decide that having a child of your own is too risky. Women over the age of thirty-five may also decide to adopt because they are more likely to give birth to child with a with genetic defect such as down syndrome

Part of The Family
Some couples decide to adopt a niece, nephew or grandchild that has entered the adoption system. Many people here in the US are related to a child that has been neglected because its parents have problems. For instance, many children have parents who are addicted to hard drugs. Hence it is not unusual for a couple to adopt a child that is already a part of the family.

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