Forget Diets – Use Body Language and Clothing

Forget Diets, Use Body Language and Clothing

Studies show that the average woman might be on a diet for up to thirty years, on and off. In addition, during that time she will feel unattractive and fat. In other words, she will spend up to a quarter of her life in a state of shame about the way she looks. Research reveals that diets do not work long-term, but adopting a healthy lifestyle does work. Eating healthy foods, exercising, and gaining confidence by making the most of your appearance are the best ways to gain confidence and an attractive figure. Dressing and moving in ways that promote your natural attractiveness is a positive step forwards. It is time to forget diets, and be empowered instead of ashamed.

Freedom comes from self-acceptance

Many women have no idea what, “not thinking about their appearance on a regular basis”, feels like. Few have gone about their day since they were a child, without the burden of constantly checking their appearance or comparing themselves to other women. Watch how women adjust their clothing to hide areas of their body they are not happy with, place their handbags in front of their stomach, or sigh when they look at models in glossy magazines, and you will know that they feel ugly and unacceptable.

Once you learn how to use body language and clothing to help you look slender and attractive you will gain the freedom of being able to accept yourself, and even like yourself as you are. You will be able to get dressed in the morning, safe in the knowledge that you look fabulous. In addition, moving in ways that promote attractiveness will become second nature to you after a little practice has taken place.


When people see you the first thing that they notice, apart from colour, is shape. They do not notice whether you have a rounded stomach, flabby arms, or thick ankles. People see the entire sum of you. In addition, they notice how your outfit is compiled. They see where items of clothing form lines and their structure. People automatically imagine that your body is the shape they see in front of them, and the shape they see is due to your clothing.

Observer’s vision rests on areas where lines are created by clothing. Thus, if you wear a jacket that ends at your waist, people will look at your waist. If you wear a skirt that ends at your ankles, this is where people will focus. Therefore, choose to wear clothing that creates lines of vision in areas where you want people to look. For example, if you have a tiny waist, but large hips, you might want people to focus on your middle section. To encourage them to do so, you might wear a fifties style dress that cinches in at the waist and kicks out at the hips, ending three-quarters of the way down your legs. The result will be that people observe your small waist, are unable to see the size of your hips, and are visually drawn to a narrow part of your legs.

Forget Diets, Use Body Language and Clothing

Dressing and moving in ways that promote your natural attractiveness is a positive step forwards.

Observe the shape clothing forms before you wear it. If it creates a box-like shape on the hanger, then this is the shape it is likely to give you when you wear it. Likewise, a long cardigan that appears willowy and sleek on a hanger will help make you appear tall and thin when you wear it.


The material of your clothes makes a massive difference to your appearance. Thin, flexible material will look feminine and cling to the natural shape of your body. Thick material, made into clothes that fit well, will skim your body without revealing lumps and bumps you would prefer to disguise.

Thin material attracts people’s attention to the areas of your body it touches. Therefore, if you do not want people to observe a part of your body, and prefer them to direct their eyes to a different area, use clothing wisely. For example, if you do not want people to focus on your chest, you would be wise not to wear a thin tee shirt. Wearing a blouse made from a substantial material would be a good choice.


Clothing colour influences both the wearer and the observer because it stimulates emotions. A bright, cheerful colour can make people feel good, add interest to an outfit and attract, or distract, observers. Therefore, if you wore a plain, neutral coloured suit with a bold coloured scarf, your appearance would probably be more attractive than if you did not lift the outfit with a splash of colour. Doing this would also make people look towards your scarf rather than at your figure.

Dark colours are more slimming than light colours. You could make this fact work in your favour by wearing light colours on areas of your body you want to emphasize, and dark colours on those you want to look small. For example, if your shoulders are narrow compared to your hips, you might decide to wear a blouse with a pale colour on the shoulder area, and combine it with dark coloured pants.


Accessories can make you look and feel fabulous, no matter what you are wearing. A belt can be used to pull in the waistline of a shapeless jacket or dress, and a scarf can divert people’s attention to where you want it. Accessories can make an outfit seem more streamlined, sophisticated, and complete. A long necklace, for example, can make your body look longer than it is.

Body language

In terms of body language most women can look as though they have dropped a dress size simply by standing straight rather than slouching. Practice walking, standing, and sitting with your head held straight, and your neck and back straight. Your waist will immediately appear longer, and you will look taller.

If you are posing for a photograph, or just want to achieve a slim silhouette, stand slightly side on to the direction in which you point your head. In addition, instead of sitting back in a chair, sit slightly forwards towards the edge, but in a comfortable position.

Talk in an animated fashion using your arms and face to gesture appropriately so that you come across as being fresh and vital rather than slow and depressed. Walk into rooms with positive intention, instead of sneaking in quietly, and sit close to the front during lectures and functions when you are part of an audience. In addition, sit in the middle position if possible when in a restaurant, café, or on any other occasion when you need to be seated. Not only will you look confident and attractive, but surprisingly, you will also feel this way. You can influence how you come across to others and how you perceive yourself by moving and behaving in a confident manner.

Forget Diets, Use Body Language and Clothing

Accessories can make you look and feel fabulous no matter what you are wearing.

Learning how to dress attractively using the shape, material, and colour of clothing will help you assemble a fabulous wardrobe of clothes that suit you perfectly and make you feel wonderful. Get rid of clothing that does not highlight your best features, and you will stop making mistakes that make you feel and look drab and unattractive. In addition, move like a woman who is beautiful and you will automatically become beautiful. You will visually signal attractiveness and ooze confidence. You will soon recognize that diets are unnecessary and begin enjoying being the attractive woman that you naturally are.


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