High Heels How To Walk Tall

Girl waving material in heels

Girl waving material in heels

Models do it, celebrities do it, and it seems like every beautiful woman is doing it, apart from you. Walking in high heels is not easy in the beginning. People make it look that way; however, they struggled when they first wore heels. Expecting to be able to walk eloquently in four, or even three-inch heels is unreasonable if you are not used to doing so. There is a knack to walking tall in heels, and until you have it, you are liable to wobble and totter awkwardly

If the shoe fits…

Before attempting to learn how to walk in high heels, make sure that your shoes fit you properly. Your footwear should be supportive rather than loose.

Start low

Do not try to walk in extremely high heels until you have mastered lower varieties. One-and-a-half or two-inch heels should suffice in the beginning.


When you first attempt to walk in heels, do so at home. In addition, do not try to master walking up or down stairs until you can walk across a room

Look ahead

Look straight ahead of you as you take your first few steps rather than watching your feet. Fix your eyes on an object across the room from you, and move towards it slowly.


Think that you cannot walk in high heels and your belief will come true. Imagine that you can easily walk in heels and it will occur. Take a deep breath as you begin, and concentrate on your breathing rather than the movements of your feet.

Practice makes perfect

When you have mastered walking in a straight line, practice turning corners and walking up and down stairs. Once you have gained confidence, practice walking outdoors. Walk up and down pavements, step across gratings and walk on uneven ground.

Gaining ground

When you feel fully confident wear high heels to an event, or on an outing. Take a spare pair of flat shoes with you so that you are prepared if your feet ache. Women are not born knowing how to walk in high heels; heels can take some time to master. Start learning in low heels and work your way up to higher heels. In addition, practice at home before you step outside your front door. Most importantly, remember that looking ahead as you walk and feeling confident is the key to walking tall.