Women are often told that they should use black as the basic color for their wardrobes because this color is very slimming, and it co-ordinates well with clothing in other colors. Although it is true that black is a neutral and versatile color, this advice ignores the fact that many women do not have the right skin tone to look good in black. You will look your best if you choose your wardrobe basics in colors that suit your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. These basics include pants, skirts, jackets, and coats.

Only about one woman in four has the right coloring to look good wearing black near her face.  If you already have a cool undertone to your skin and look good in jewel tones, you will be able to wear black and navy clothing very successfully even when you are older.  Choose your wardrobe basics in neutrals such as black or navy, and dress them up by wearing blouses, sweaters, and scarves in bright, clear colors such as cobalt blue, emerald green, and true red.  Silver jewellery will look more dramatic with your coloring than gold jewellery.

A skin with yellow undertones will look sallow and colorless in black.  If you have brown eyes and a golden skin tone, you probably look fantastic when you wear brown as your basic neutral color. Choose your other clothing and accessories in warm autumn shades such as gold, wine, mossy green and paprika-red. Choose jewellery that has a gold tone and avoid silver jewellery since it will not suit your complexion.

Women with pale coloring can look fantastic when wearing soft colors such as cream or camel as the basis of their wardrobe. Dark, strong colors can be much too harsh for them.  On the other hand, women who look good in jewel-tones such as emerald or deep blue will look washed out when they wear camel-colored clothing.

Before you buy any new clothing item, hold it up beneath your face, and ask yourself if the color makes you look more attractive or less attractive. Whether you have a lot of money to spend on your wardrobe, or very little, you will end up looking far more attractive if you choose wardrobe colors that enhance your skin tone. You will look healthier and happier with clothes that are the right color for you.