Are you thinking of taking the plunge into the competitive world of modeling? If so, take a moment of pause and ask yourself if you really have what it takes to model.

You will learn there is much more to modeling than having a pretty face. Girls and guys who have a nice look are constantly being told by friends and family that they “look as good as the people in the magazines” and this may be absolutely true. But, remember that modeling is a career and any career is earmarked with certain requirements.

For example: I am not in the prime of life, am about 5’9″ and weigh 185 pounds. Now, do you think that I will ever be hired as a horse racing jockey or a pro basketball player? I don’t think I am ready to quit my day job just yet.

Now I know there are exceptions to every rule, below you will find some of the physical requirements you will need (or can learn) to get started in the modeling industry.

As in any profession, there is normally a fine line between success and failure when you decide to venture into this career.

Are you Success-Minded?

What I mean is do you have the frame of mind that it is going to take some work and education to consider yourself as serious about modeling?

That frame of mind includes thinking and acting like a professional model and mimicking the actions of successful people.

For instance, let’s say a weekend golfer is having a pretty good day and her score is getting her excited. But then the next hole includes a large area of water that she has to hit over.

She has hit the ball over water many times before but that one little negative thought pops into her head; “I’ve got to keep from hitting this in the water.” She doesn’t realize it but she just painted a picture of failure in her mind. She couldn’t help it! Now the picture in her head shows the ball going where? You’re right–smack in the middle of the lake!!

Then what happens?

Do I really have to answer this one? She hits the ball in the water!

Now, a seasoned professional golfer tees off at the very same body of water. He also has a mental picture of where the ball is going to land.

The pro closes his eyes and visualize his golf ball sailing smoothly to the far side of the lake.

What in the world does golfing have to do with modeling? Absolutely nothing!

But, when you can imagine yourself as a successful model you will start doing some of the work needed to make it happen.

A friend once told me (about golf), “It’s just a simple game.”

You will discover that learning to model is just as simple once you get started. To become successful, even on a local level, it will require some serious work but so does becoming a cook at your local fast food restaurant. Which do you want to become?

All right, by now you are visualizing yourself as a successful model, right? You’ve taken the first step and now you are ready for some research and reality in what you must have physically and what you must do to become successful in modeling.

What physical qualities do agencies look for?

This list is not all-inclusive but there are some characteristics that most of the major model agencies look for when choosing models to represent.

  1. Height: Your height should be at least 5’8″ tall or taller (This is especially true for runway and high fashion in major markets)
  2. Weight: Your height needs to be in sync with your body weight.
  3. Body Proportions: You should have good body proportions to go along with your weight and height.
  4. Skin: Your skin should be without many flaws, scars or too many pimples / blemishes
  5. Hair: Your hair should be kept manageable (no overbearing split-ends or damage from too much dying)
  6. Teeth: Your teeth should be straight and white. If your teeth do not contribute to your look, check with your local dentist for advice.

Take a look in the mirror and examine all the items on this list. Now is the point to be absolutely honest with yourself.

Everyone has shortcomings. You can change certain attributes about your appearance (like weight or hair) but the things you cannot change like your height you will have to live with. The major agencies may change their guidelines in the future but for now, this is something you have to contend with.

If you feel you have every quality above, then you are one of the lucky few. If not, don’t despair. There are many other opportunities in modeling not mentioned in this report.

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