The recent 2015 Athens Xclusive Fashion Show was held this past July in the Greek capital, and it brought together some of the world’s best-known fashion designers, as well as up-and-comers that showcase designs that grabbed the world’s eye and made it sit up and take notice. Tassos Mitropoulos was one of those designers, excelling at the 2015 show and building upon the success of a brand he’s been crafting from scratch since a young age.

Born into the Industry

Tassos is a son of Athens, the very city that hosts the famous Xclusive Fashion Show each summer. He grew up in Athens in a family that was heavily involved in commercial trading. Among the many things his family traded was yarn used in handmade knit clothing. From the very beginning, he literally had his hands in the business.

When he was a young man he would create his own unique hand-knitted pieces. To this day he finds the construction process of fashion design to be the most enjoyable. He can look back upon those early hand-knitted designs and recognize that this was his specialization, and still is to this day. In fact, he finds that the construction process is his greatest strengths:

“My ability to combine a lot of different materials together, along with handmade embroidery and unique fabrics, helps make each piece of clothing special.”

His skills even landed him his first fashion show at the age of 17. It was this moment in his life that convinced him to follow his passion and pursue a life in fashion.

2015 Athens Xclusive Fashion Show

Photo: Studio Panoulis

The Creative Process

One of the true beauties of the fashion industry is the individual talent and creativity on display at any fashion show. Every designer that brings a piece or entire clothing line to a show is bringing a piece of their own mind to life for the world to touch and see. How each designer arrives at a fashion show with a complete line of clothing differs from one individual to the next, adding more complexity to the industry.

For Tassos, the process of creating a new piece depends on a lot of factors. On the one hand, there are the fabrics that he will work with in creating a new design. Each step in the process comes with no timeline. As he sees it, “you cannot put a specific time on an idea.” He best sums up his approach to creating a new piece in the following words:

“After the conception of the idea, what follows is the fabric, the line of the design, and the materials. Once I decide on each of these factors I try to combine all the materials together so I can give the garment its own personality. There is a lot of handmade work put on each piece I create, and that makes every style very unique.”

Tassos usually sources his fabrics from Italy, and on the rare occasion from Asia. He seeks out good quality in the fabric so that he can create a piece with good tailoring and a smart design. All of his garments go through checks during the production process. Each is made in Greece, making it easier for him to keep tabs on the production process and make sure the end product is perfect before it is sold on the market.


Tassos cannot point out one individual in his life that served as an inspiration for his career in fashion. For him, inspiration typically comes from the landscapes and colours that he sees when he travels. These in turn materialise over time as ideas in his head that shine through in the bold black, white, and red colours often used in his designs. For Tassos, the approach to any piece is creating something that is dynamic, unusual compared to the competition, and above all else, sexy.


As alluded to earlier, Tassos completed his first fashion show at the age of 17, and that was just the first step in a successful career for this Greek designer. He would go on to create his own company at the age of 23, designing and producing his handmade knitwear. At the same time he was forming a fashion house, he was studying design at Rome’s Academia Dell-art. Following his graduation, he expanded his label to include everything from evening and casual wear to luxurious pieces featuring leather and fur.

His show at the 2015 Athens Xclusive Fashion Show contained sexy dresses with soft and transparent fabrics that called attention to the subtle curves of the female silhouette. More importantly, he showcased a new branch in his design: wedding dresses. Visitors to Xclusive were the first to see some of his new wedding dress designs, such as those with tulle, lace, and transparent pants.

A student of the modern world and the fashion industry, Tassos is constantly reading fashion magazines and blogs to stay updated on the industry. When he’s not reading, he’s contributing to his own blog to keep his followers in-the-know. His collections are currently available through his e-shop, at his retail boutique shops in Athens and Thessaloniki, and in a few exclusive shops throughout Greece.

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