The next generation of designers from Mauritius

Few people could imagine that the tiny Indian Ocean island of Mauritius could produce some of the finest pieces of high fashion, but that is exactly what has been happening for over a quarter of a century.

When people think of Haute Couture, or high fashion, they often think of the numerous French designers who have dressed VIPs, models, and celebrities around the world. Few people could imagine that the tiny Indian Ocean island of Mauritius could produce some of the finest pieces of high fashion, but that is exactly what has been happening for over a quarter of a century. Led initially by Veronique Lionnet, a new generation of high fashion designers have emerged from Mauritius.

Veronique Lionnet learned her craft under Mauritius’ most important fashion icon, Pierre Laurent. For over 25 years Lionnet produced a variety of fashion lines that became popular around the world. Items such as lingerie were exported to European markets, bridal garments to Germany, and even a line of children’s clothing to England.
Now there is a new generation of designers prepared to carry the torch of high fashion for the tiny island nation of Mauritius. The leading fashion house for this new generation is Lionnet & Fauzou. The house is led by designers Anais Lionnet and Fabien Fauzou, with Veronique Lionnet still serving as a mentor to this next generation.
Anais Lionnet is the daughter of Veronique and has worked with her mother since 2010. Under her mother, Anais learned design techniques and successful production processes. Fabien was a young, up and coming designer who proved himself worthy of acclaim by winning numerous design competitions.

Anais and Fabien came together in August 2011 to start their own fashion house, Lionnet & Fauzou. The pair have worked together for several different companies over the past year, designing creative and personalized fashions. Their work has included ready to wear garments and high fashion dresses.
2012 is shaping up to be a big year for this new fashion house as the duo looks to establish and enchance their reputation. In March of this year, the Lionnet & Fauzou fashion house chose Vanessa Sauzier as their “egerie”, or muse.
Fashion tourism is an up and coming industry, and the nation of Mauritius is looking to bolster its tourism industry by promoting its exceptional fashion industry through its tourism sector. The Minister of Tourism and Leisure for Mauritius, Michael Sik Yuen, introduced representatives from Lionnet & Fauzou to the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), and immediately boosted the exposure of the fashion house. Lionnet & Fauzou was chosen to provide designs for photo shoots and carnival events to kickoff fashion tourism in Mauritius.
Just one month later in April 2012, Lionnet & Fauzou’s designs would be displayed to mainland Europe courtesy of two beauty queens from the United Kingdom. Charlotte Holmes, who won Miss England 2012, and Alize Mounter, Miss UK 2012. Both appeared in a fashion photo shoot in Mauritius over the summer and chose to appear in designs from Lionnet & Fauzou.
During two fashion shoots within the first week of July 2012, Miss Holmes and Miss Mounter were photographed wearing some of the latest designs from this up and coming fashion house. The photo shoots took place at Le Touessrok Hotel. Both beauty queens met with representatives from Lionnet & Fauzou prior to the shoot and chose dresses from their fashion line that were then made in their color choice and size.

The final shoot of the event featured Charlotte Holmes wearing a special couture dress designed by Lionnet & Fauzou. This dress will further increase the exposure of the fashion house as Miss Holmes will be wearing this dress exclusively for the upcoming Miss World competition, when she will represent England.
These accomplishments are the latest in an apparent trend that has seen the profile of the fashion house increase. In addition to these events in 2012, Lionnet & Fauzou were also chosen as the primary designers for the outfits and dresses at a Fashion Photography Contest in Mauritius.
Lionnet & Fauzou fashion house might be just over a year old, but its activity mirrors that of a well-established organisation. With the talent of its two young designers, Anais and Fabien, and a mentor like Veronique, the sky is the limit for this fledgling company.
The designs from Lionnet & Fauzou are becoming popular around the world and are bringing further fame and attention to the fashion industry in Mauritius. A trend in unique fashion that began with Pierre Laurent and grew under Veronique Lionnet, is now in the hands of Lionnet & Fauzou as this fashion house looks to build on the successes of earlier Mauritian designers.

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