Shopping for clothes can take forever. There are so many clothing options and the rocking look on the mannequin is usually a bust in the dressing room. You could spend hours trying stuff on to come home without the perfect little black dress or date outfit you were hoping to find.

All women are built differently. When you know what your body shape is, you can make faster, smarter decisions of what will work for you. This ultimate fashion guide for your body shape will help you figure out what fits your frame best and how to play up your assets in a snap, saving you tons of time when you’re out shopping for the perfect look.

To get started, take a look at your body shape in front of a mirror:

.   Do you have a butt, but are lighter on top, like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian? You’re a pear.

.   Do you have a small waist paired with broad shoulders like Giselle Bundchen or Demi Moore? You are a strawberry.

.   Are you blessed with both boobs and a butt like Beyonce? You are an hourglass.

.   Is your shape boyish and boxy like Gwenyth Paltrow or Queen Latifah? You’re a rectangle.

.   Do you have narrower hips, with a less defined waist like Jennifer Hudson or Angelina Jolie? If you carry more weight around your waist, you’re an apple.

The Five Body Shapes and What to Wear

Now that you have an idea of what your shape might be, it’s time to hone in on what look is best for your body and how to play up your best assets.

1) Pear Body Shape

It’s all about the hips! A pear-shaped girl’s hips are wider than her shoulders. The goal is to highlight both your sexy hips and the upper body (chest and shoulders) as well as lengthen from the waist down to balance your shape.

Shopping Do’s:

.   Look for fit-and-flare or wrap dresses.

.   Choose tops that draw the eye to the top half of your body.

.   Choose wide-legged jeans or pants that balance out your hips.

Shopping Don’ts:

.   Don’t buy bottoms that have horizontal stripes or bring attention to your hip area.

.   Avoid tight bodycon dresses.

.   Don’t buy long tops that shorten your torso.

2) Strawberry Body Shape

The strawberry body shape is the strong woman silhouette. Opposite of the pear, the strawberry figure has a broader chest, wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Since you’re upper body is on point, look for ways to also emphasise the lower body.

Shopping Do’s:

.   Keep tops understated and add pattern, bold colour or detail to bottoms.

.   Look for A-line or swing dresses.

.   Go with flared or wide-leg pants.

Shopping Don’ts:

.   Skip tops that are frilly or busy and further enhance your powerful upper body.

.   Avoid jackets or tops that have shoulder pads. Or remove the pads if possible.

3) Hourglass Body Shape

If you’ve got a curvy figure with boobs and butt, you’re an hourglass shape. You want to embrace your curves, cinch your waist and choose girly, body-conscious clothing.

Shopping Do’s:

.   You are the perfect candidate to rock the little black dress.

.   Look for ways to further accentuate your tiny waist like an interesting belt or a sexy, v-neck top.

.   Go for tight clothes and sexy silhouettes.

.   Find the right, supportive underwear that smooths and lifts your assets.

Shopping Don’ts:

.   Skip baggy clothes that hide your assets and may make you look bigger.

.   Avoid fabrics like satin or taffeta that may show every flaw, especially when selecting tight clothing.

4) Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangle body silhouette is similar in size across the shoulders, waist and hips. The overall effect is of someone athletic or slightly boyish in shape. The goal is to create the illusion of a small waist and curves. Any detail that can add some femininity to your wardrobe, like frills or flower patterns can also add to the illusion.

Shopping Do’s:

.   Look for girly styles with floral patterns or a feminine feel.

.   Make sure that all your fashion choices cinch your waist to create an hourglass figure.

.   Layer your clothes for an extra dimension.

Shopping Don’ts:

.   Don’t buy baggy or boxy clothes.

.   Avoid masculine or tailored looks.

.   Oversized clothing may be trendy but don’t do you any favours.

5) Apple Body Shape

Apple shapes carry more weight around the waistline while having slimmer legs. The trick for apples is to enhance their legs and find ways to hide or downplay the midsection.

Shopping Do’s:

.   Look for dresses and clothes that are loose around the midsection.

.   Focus on arms and legs by shopping for bare shoulders or short hemlines.

.   Focus on lengthening and enhancing your legs with short skirts, heels or skinny jeans.

.   Layer your outfits with a top and flowing cardigan.

Shopping Don’ts:

.   Avoid clothes that are tight around the waist or cinch the waistline.

.   Don’t bother with high necklines.

.   Skip belts.