Women’s Clothes Do Not Have Enough Pockets

Every woman needs to carry round some essentials, however light they travel. Even if you don’t carry make-up, you need to carry money. Your outfit may have pockets, but it’s unlikely to be designed to carry the weight of a change purse or wallet. Except on rare occasions, a woman needs a bag.

Not enough pockets

A good leather bag has long been a thing of beauty to be coveted and loved. However, it is only in recent years that it has grown into more than that, an item for the fashion industry to play with and to promote, which changes with the seasons.

Bags have become the easiest way to make a statement. In the case of designer clothes, we can look at the exclusive creations which stalk along the catwalk and admire or laugh, but we know that, for reasons of budget and size, we will not be wearing them.

Not enough pockets

Bags make women happy, can be inexpensive, and have been booming regardless of the recession. Unlike fashionable clothes, they are unlikely ever to make us feel bad about ourselves: they are there to do a job, and above all to make us feel good.

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