Many new mothers find it difficult to appreciate the changes pregnancy has wrought upon their bodies and struggle with self-image. Unable to accept that their bodies have changed, they cover up and hide themselves until they lack all confidence in their ability to be attractive. This article suggests how new mothers can learn to feel good about themselves again.

Become body confident after having a baby

So, you’ve had your baby and your life has changed forever. You now have someone to look after who is more important than anyone else and you can’t imagine life without your little bundle of joy. Nevertheless, your baby has affected you in other ways too. You are tired and emotional, and when you look in the mirror you think fondly, perhaps desperately, of the body you used to have. However, it is not all doom and gloom. You can become body confident once more.

Coming to terms

It is important to understand that, do what you will, it is unlikely you will be able to get back the same body you had before becoming pregnant. Your body may not only look different, but also feel different after pregnancy. Even if you do manage to lose your excess weight and slim down to the size you were before, your skin will probably have lost some of its elasticity and feature some of those ugly, scarring stretchmarks. Consider, though, that your body may be more attractive this way; pregnancy may have made subtle alterations to your shape, giving you curves where before you did not. Many men, for example, find the fuller figure more attractive than a slim shape. Accept your body as it is to feel better about yourself.


Acceptance of your post-pregnancy body aside, there are steps you can take to achieve a slimmer and trimmer figure. Along with healthy eating, exercise is key and can have multiple benefits. For instance, if sleep deprivation and chemical imbalances are making you feel a little low, or even if you are suffering from postpartum depression, exercise will help to lift your spirits as well as slim and tone your body. This is because exercise releases endorphins in your body that make you feel good. Once you have checked with your doctor that your body is ready for an exercise regimen, set yourself a target, such as losing 6 pounds in six months or being able to wear a size 12 dress with comfort, as this will help to motivate you.


Your pregnancy will have meant that you have been wearing oversized or maternity clothes for several months, and once your baby is born, you may be tempted to continue wearing them because, frankly, they are so comfortable. However, this can be a mistake, as overlarge clothes make you look larger than you are and therefore unattractive, which in turn will affect your self-image. If your body is still not all you wish it could be, do not hide it beneath baggy clothes. Instead, wear clothes that accentuate your good bits and cover up your bad areas. Also, do not have the opinion that just because you have become a mother, you cannot dress sexily anymore. Treat yourself to a special new dress and arrange a date with your partner to give yourselves some together time. Dressing up and going somewhere special together will make your body confident and give you a break from being a new mother.

Your post-pregnancy body reflects an important new stage in your life, so there is no reason to bemoan the loss of your slim figure and taut skin. Instead, embrace the new you by making the most of your fuller figure and newfound confidence.

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