After lifting weights in the gym or doing a rigorous body-weight routine, your body is going to crave the fuel it needs to repair those damaged muscles. While rest days are important, eating the rights food shortly after your workout will speed up recovery and keep you from binge eating other foods once the ravenous hunger kicks in. Here are five excellent post-workout foods to stock up on.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is an excellent source of protein and fiber, not to mention it’s affordable! A serving of peanut butter typically has 6-8 grams of protein. Eat that with some sliced apples and a glass of milk, and you’re looking at a powerful combination of nutrients necessary to repairing those ripped muscles. Look for peanut butter that is as close to natural as possible for the best benefits.

2. Greek Yogurt

Hello Protein! Greek yogurt is loaded with protein and carbs needed to repair muscles and replenish glycogen stores. For an added benefit, try adding some fresh chopped pineapple, which also contributes to post workout greatness. Pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties that boost muscle recovery, not to mention it’s loaded with other micro-nutrients that benefit your health.

3. Eggs

Eggs were once thought of as the devil of the fitness world, but experts are learning that this food is actually quite critical to overall health! This breakfast staple is considered a high-quality protein in the fitness community, and their convenient packaging makes it easy to track calories. Take a couple with you in hard-boiled form to eat with a bit of salt and pepper, and perhaps some sliced avocado for a perfect post-workout meal.

4. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are complex carbohydrates that help restore your glycogen levels after a tough workout. They’re wonderful served in a variety of ways, but you can add some Greek yogurt and a pinch of cinnamon for an easy, delicious post-workout treat. In addition, you can go the savory route and serve them with some cooked turkey or chicken for another simple and effective meal.

5. Chocolate Milk

This may bring back memories of the school lunchroom, but chocolate milk isn’t just for kids anymore. This delicious drink contains just about everything you need to replenish your body after a workout. You’ll get your carbohydrates, protein, calcium, sodium, and water in one fell swoop!

Don’t let outdated information keep you from refueling your body after a workout. Try these five staple foods after hitting the gym to boost your recovery, and make it a habit!