Push-ups are just about the most traditional of all of the body weight exercises. Yet push-ups offer some of the best all around workouts for the body. With each repetition, the body is focused on strengthening the arms, chest, core and even some balance development with the legs. Here are a few different fun push-up routines that can be done absolutely anywhere, and all can be done with any type of push-up.

Prison push-ups are a simple way to challenge strength, endurance and mental toughness. This workout is best done in a small room that resembles or feels like a prison. It is best if the whole workout is completed before leaving this room.

The workout should be thought of as two ladders: one ladder descends, the other ascends. Start with a small number of maximum repetitions as the total amount of push-ups accumulate with this workout. Begin with the maximum number. For instance, do a set of ten push-ups, then take a break. Then do the minimum amount, which always begins with just a single push-up. After another break, do nine push-ups. After the next break, do two push-ups. Continue this until the descending ladder eventually hits one and the ascending one hits ten.

With each new session in the prison add a higher maximum. The appeal of this workout is that breaks can be as long as needed. The long breaks just mean more time in the jail cell before all of that hard time is finished.

Many athletes have praised the simplicity and randomness of a deck of cards for doing push-ups. The variety and the luck of the draw keep it enjoyable. There are many variations on what to give the card values and for how long a break to take between sets.

For the values, a format can be one such as this: numbered cards are even in value for the number of repetitions. For instance, a five of clubs would be five push-ups. Face cards are always worth ten, aces twenty-five and jokers fifty.

In one version, push-ups are done basically without stopping, with only time to flip up the next card in the pre-shuffled deck. Once the body seizes, the total amount is calculated and recorded. The amount is a nice target to try and beat.

In another version, breaks between sets are as long as the body needs to recover. The goal is to complete the entire deck. For some individuals, the completion of the deck may be over the course of a day. In any case, completing an entire deck is a great number of push-ups for one day.

Lastly, a workout that challenges body fatigue is a tabata push-up routine. Tabata apps can be found for phones and various devices. Using a tabata timer, do as many push-ups as possible within the allotted twenty seconds. The rest period for tabata is ten seconds. After the rest, continue with as many push-ups as possible. Keep repeating this until the traditional eight tabata sets are completed. The goal is to be able to complete the routine without any rest beyond the allotted ten seconds between sets. Once comfortable, add another tabata for eight more sets.

These are just a few fun routines to keep something simple such as push-ups being a fresh workout. Along the way, the body will improve if these workouts are done with regularity. The whole body will feel better and the mind will be satisfied with being able to complete a fun challenge.

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