Growing old gracefully isn’t always easy for women

The fear of not being considered desirable anymore is something most women can’t bring themselves to accept. Like it or not, everyone faces aging someday. Lines will form around their eyes, mouths, and on their foreheads. Their hair will turn gray or white and for some unfortunate females it will thin quite a bit due to the hormonal fluctuation of menopause. Unwanted pounds will start to creep on and be harder to lose than ever and their once supple skin will start to show the ravages of time.

Flying in the face of what the multi-million dollar beauty industry would lead people to believe, the inevitability of aging is certain. No amount of creams will permanently stop the wrinkles that will occur. The saying, “she looks great for her age,” is becoming commonplace as more and more women of a certain age continue to try and reverse time or at the very least stop it in its tracks. Thousands of dollars are spent every year by millions of women in the quest for the fountain of youth.

Once they hit the premenopausal years, most women are guilty of trying to hide their age. After all, who wants gray hair in their mid to late thirties?  Most women hit their prime of being comfortable in their own skin when these nasty little hairs make their debut. In a way, it’s a cruel twist of fate from Mother Nature. For many women, this time starts them on the process of spending countless hours in the beauty salon or in their own bathrooms changing their hair back to a more familiar color.

Having their hair under control will give them some solace, until they notice the crow’s feet that remain even when they aren’t squinting. If they haven’t taken care of their skin by avoiding the sun, or they haven’t used copious amounts of sunscreen over the years, their faces will tell the tale.  Age spots, fine lines, and in some cases deeper wrinkles, will have many running to the cosmetic surgeon for a little refresher. By the time these women hit their fifties, many will be seriously considering any number of surgical procedures that are available.

Is vanity to blame or are we all just a society obsessed with youth? It’s probably a combination of both, because youth is revered. Unfortunately, once a woman is past menopause, the looks of adoration she once received from the male species cease to happen. She looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize the person looking back; it makes her wonder if growing old gracefully is even possible.

It depends on someone’s idea of what growing old gracefully means. Some think it means avoiding plastic surgery at all costs and accepting the fact that time changes everyone’s looks.  Other people think it means doing what you can to look years younger than your biological age and if that means shelling out hundreds of dollars every month to maintain their looks, they are more than willing to do that.


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