You are a woman going through “the change.” You have hot flashes, mood swings, and your metabolism slowing down. You are getting older, and your body is making sure you know it. So what to do? Hide your head in the sand? Long for the days when the wrinkles weren’t so prominent?

Of course not! Now is the time to celebrate. You are FREE! Free from the monthly “gift” that you have had since you were a teen. Free from the burden of worry about unplanned pregnancy. In addition, free from the afflictions of youth.

Now is the time to celebrate. Carry a fan. Pamper yourself, and become the wise woman that you are!

Feeling and looking like a masterpiece during menopause starts with “Attitude.” There is something unique and powerful about being an older woman, and if you can embrace that power, you can master menopause and its ups and downs in a way that completely enriches your life.

So you’ve got a hot flash. You could think that this is a “power surge,” but every woman knows better. It’s a hot flash and they don’t always come at the most convenient times. You already probably have several pairs of reading glasses around home or at work, so have a few fans available. There are hundreds of thousands of women in the world going through the same thing you are; fan yourself and you will be the envy of every woman around you who wishes she would have thought of that!

Prepare for menopause and you will be a happier and wiser woman. And prepare your family. There is nothing wrong with saying “I’m cranky right now” or “just let me be.” If your family and friends don’t understand, then tell them to “Google” the word “menopause” and they will.

There is also nothing secret or wrong about menopause. In some cultures, elder women are revered. It’s time all cultures revere the women who have raised their children and gone through the pain of childbirth and who now are ready to lead the way with the wisdom they have garnered through the years. Menopause is sometimes just to be tolerated, always to be understood, and more often than not to be celebrated.

Menopause doesn’t affect your ability to think or reason. You are just a sweaty woman who sometimes goes off into irrational emotional outbursts. So what? This too will pass and on the other side you will be ever so much wiser, and those around you will be wiser for having been with an honest woman going through the change.

It truly is all about how you look at it. And if you go through this change well, without hiding it or being embarrassed, women are not only helping themselves but are helping the younger generation of women who will follow in their footsteps.

Feeling and looking like a masterpiece during menopause most definitely is affected by attitude. Embracing the change, celebrating our wisdom, and not hiding from the world benefits every man, woman, and child we encounter.

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