There are a number of benefits that come with having facial massage. Some of these include increased blood flow to facial skin, stimulation of oil production, toning of muscles, and removal of waste and impurities. All of these benefits contribute to a more youthful and healthier looking skin, and to someone who is bothered by the effects of aging, this can be uplifting. Other ways in which facial massage helps the elderly include the following:


According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a review done in 2010 deduced that massage promoted relaxation in the elderly. Facial massage can relax a senior to the point of tranquility. It can also relax any tight muscles in the face and leave the recipient looking revitalized.


It is not uncommon for a senior to develop general anxiety disorder, or GAD. When someone has GAD, it is hard for this person to go a day without worrying. Sleeping problems may develop as well as symptoms like muscle tension, headaches, and irritability. Facial massage can help ease an elderly person’s anxiety by getting this person to relax.


Facial massage can promote contentment in an older person. The feeling of being touched and pampered has been known to make a person feel special. To a senior who lives alone, a facial massage can be something special. The aesthetic results of massage of the face encourages a feeling of well-being too.

Licensed massage therapists and estheticians are trained to give facial massage. Both of these professionals use stroking, tapping, and gentle finger techniques to achieve the desired results. For the elderly, these results can be quite beneficial.