Are you searching for easy Easter crafts? Do you want to make Easter a memorable time for your family but don’t want to break the bank in the process? There are plenty of fun Easter activities you can consider that will build happy memories without emptying your wallet. Following are five thrifty Easter activities you might want to consider.

Easter Chicks from Egg Cartons

If you have young children, you might want to try making Easter chicks out of compressed paper egg cartons. Simply cut the cup portions out of each carton and let your children paint the cups bright yellow. Stack a top and a bottom together and you have the body of an egg carton chick. Your family can have fun gluing orange beaks and orange feet to each chick and adding two eyes with a black fine tip marker. You can even have a competition to see who can make the silliest Easter chick.

Ice Cream Bucket Easter Baskets

If your family loves ice cream almost as much as they love Easter, you can consider making Easter baskets out of empty ice cream buckets. Simply save all of your family’s ice cream buckets in the months preceding Easter and then let your children color their own bucket for Easter. Your children can paint Easter eggs on their bucket or they can color their bucket with Easter bunnies and jelly beans. Just make sure you are using markers that don’t rub off or paint that dries quickly.

Bird Nests from Rice Treats

If your family adores eating marshmallow and rice treats, you might want to consider making yummy birds nests. Rather than make square marshmallow and rice treat squares, let your children form the rice treat mixture into round shapes with a small indentation in the middle. Your children can add a few coloured jelly beans to each nest to complete their tempting treat. Good luck making these treats last until Easter. Another option you can consider is to form Easter eggs out of your rice treat mixture. This option works especially well if you add a tiny amount of food coloring to your mixture.

Framed Easter Eggs

If you want to create artwork for Easter, you can consider framing Easter eggs your children have painted. Purchase a picture frame from your local thrift store and paint it a color to match your home’s interior. You can glue dried grass from last year’s Easter baskets to the backing inside your thrift store frame. Let your children decorate plastic eggs and then glue a series of these eggs onto the dried grass inside your frame.

Paper Plate Easter Bunnies

For a fun family activity, you can consider making Easter bunnies from white paper plates. Simply cut a paper plate in half and glue each half to the top of another round paper plate. Your children can then paint silly faces onto each bunny rabbit. You can get creative and try to make the faces look like family members by painting on eye glasses, moustaches, or dimples.

These are just five of numerous thrifty Easter crafts you can consider for your family. Which of these activities will you be trying this year?