Facebook Users the Target of Major Scams in 2011

Social networking site Facebook.com has become the largest social networking site on the World Wide Web, leaving its competition in the dust. The site boasts some 600 million users across the globe, with roughly 200 million active accounts in the United States alone. As is the case with anything this large, issues are bound to arise that are both good and bad.

Infosecurity.com noted a trend at the start of 2011, warning internet users of the top three scams to watch for last year. Number two on the list was a Facebook “post” scam. The scam involved users finding what appeared to be typical posts on their wall from friends containing a link to an outside website. Instead of being a funny joke, article, or YouTube clip, the posting was actually a link shared via malware that would result in a virus being downloaded to the user’s machine.

The brilliance of a scam such as this one lies in the ease with which we allow ourselves to be duped online. Internet users, especially those who are heavy social network users, tend to become less and less vigilant over time. The world has become so obsessed with social networking that people rarely stop to think before ingesting online materials. Many individuals are more concerned with expressing their every thought and mood than they are with protecting personal information.

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