Make a Splash: Water Sports Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands are alive with a variety of water sports. Gliding quietly through crystal clear waves in a kayak, rushing across a glassy surface on water skis, and meeting the local underwater wildlife are just a few examples of the many water sports awaiting visitors in Seychelles.

You could spend your entire stay on the Seychelles vacation lazing on the glistening sands of the pristine beaches gracing the islands. But the multi-hued blue waters of Seychelles lures even the staunchest landlubber to come join in the fun of water sports in this tropical paradise. And there are plenty of water sports to enjoy!


Reclining at the edge of a beach, gentle waters come lapping up against you, bathing you in deliciously warm water. Come dip your toe into these waves and gaze through the crystal-clear waters to see the reflections of light bending and dancing on the sand beneath the water. Soon, you’ll want to plunge right in!

The most convenient of all water sports, swimming in Seychelles is a delight of lucid clear waves punctuated with bright, vibrant colours. As you swim, you may encounter some finned friendlies and rainbow-spanning. Over 900 species of fish and over 100 species of coral populate the waters. Here, a “mundane” activity like swimming becomes an experience of complete joy.

Check surf conditions before you swim, and consider choosing an area with lifeguards, such as Beau Vallon, where you can also rent a body board to add a little kick to your swim time.

Snorkelling and Diving

Want to get a closer look at that unusual fish that just brushed by your leg? Grab a mask to get some liquid hang time with the underwater locals. Snorkelling and diving are water sports that bring you face to face with marine wildlife. Equipment is available to rent at Beau Vallon and other locations throughout the Seychelles. Diving does require certification, but anyone with good swimming skills can snorkel to their heart’s content.

Catch a Wave

Crystal See-through waters and no crowds make Seychelles a great surf spot. You may not catch “the big one” here, but there’s a lot of fun to be had cutting through the waves and riding the swells of Seychelles. Challenging conditions can present the element of danger for unseasoned surfers, so only experienced, strong surfers should wax up their surfboards for such a demanding water sport.

Mahé’s Intendance Beach is a lovely and popular surfing spot for those ready to Anse Intendance on the waves of Seychelles. Some good offshore breaks can be found at Anse Patate (Anse translates as cove) on La Digue and Anse Kerian on Praslin, and the island of Mahé provides numerous beaches with both beach and reef breaks to enjoy.

The best time to surf the Seychelles depends on how each beach is situated. Some beaches are best for surfing May through September; others are best November through February. Serious surfers who do their homework before hanging ten will have the most enjoyable surf sessions.

Surfing’s cousin, windsurfing, is also available in Seychelles, with rentals conveniently located right on the sand of various beaches.

Catch a Fish

If you really mean “gone fishing” when on holiday, you’ll love fishing in Seychelles’ so-clean-it’s-transparent water. Sports fishing can range from wading in and dropping a line, to hiring a charter for the big game catch. Troll for dorado, tuna and jackfish, or bottom fish for grouper and red snapper. There are a lot of fish in the sea just waiting for you, including marlin, sailfish and rainbow-runner.

Combine fishing with a cruise, choose from several charter fishing expeditions, or rent a boat and create your own itinerary. Do remember that Seychelles is committed to keeping its islands clean and eco-friendly, so respect the natural resources and treat the environment kindly while you enjoy your visit.


There are many types of watercraft available to rent, from small boats to luxury yachts. Whether you want a quiet paddle boat, a high-speed craft, or something in between, the inviting crystal clear waters of Seychelles can come alive with the vessel of your choosing.

Crews and supplies are often included in yacht rentals, and you can sun yourself on the deck, drinking in the sunshine while the captain steers the ship. Some charter boats come equipped with personal watercraft such as WaveRunners for added fun and excitement.

Catamarans ferry passengers between the islands of Sainte Anne Marine National Park. Visitors can rent their own monohulls, gennaker sailboats, catanas, catamarans and mini-cats for a variety of sailing experiences throughout the Seychelles. It’s a freeing way to explore the many lagoons and coves the islands have to offer.


Ever wanted to kayak in the high seas? With a yacht-based kayak trip, you can. Kayaking in the clear-like-crystal waters can almost seem like levitating in mid-air over an underwater landscape, and offers a personal interaction with the welcoming waters of Seychelles. Enjoy a tranquil kayak experience, quietly dipping your paddle into unclouded waters as you glide over shallow expanses.

The open sea with its testing waves can provide a more exhilarating challenge for a thrilling adventure. Paddlers may experience a variety of kayaking capers depending on a guest’s skill level and ocean conditions. Skilled crew members help holidaymakers manoeuvre their crafts and hone their skills.

Get That Underwater View While Staying Dry

If want to peek under the sea without getting wet, then a glass-bottom boat excursion is the answer for you! Discover the exotic marine life of Seychelles while comfortably aboard a chartered vessel. This boat is fitted with a section of clear hull, allowing unobstructed views of fish and coral in the so-clean-it-has-to-be-seen waters. An experienced guide will describe the view, so you’ll get to know a little bit about these beautiful creatures gracing the Seychelles waters. Dramatic coral is also abundant, particularly in the waters around Silhouette Island.

Similar to glass-bottom boats, semi-submersibles are vessels with windows in the hulls. Seating is in the wells of the hulls, about two metres under the water level, so passengers are actually under the water, without being under the water! Gazing out through these windows into liquid space, visitors are treated to visions usually reserved for snorkelers or scuba divers. An island lunch is included in these special excursions. Semi-submersibles visiting Sainte Anne Marine National Park offer the chance to hand-feed the local fish.

High-Powered Fun

In an effort to preserve the ecosystem of Seychelles, motorized water sports are prohibited in most areas of the islands. For high-powered water fun, head to Beau Vallon on the island of Mahé.  Beginning at mid-day, visitors can enjoy sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing and more.

Ever, so to speak, ride a banana? In Seychelles, you can! Guests climb aboard a stabilized inflated tube that looks much like a giant version of one of Fyffe’s finest. Three to ten riders in a row, wearing life jackets, straddle the tubular-shaped flotation device, which is secured by a long rope to the back of a speedboat. The boat then takes off and whisks riders across the surface of the water for an invigorating ride.

The Relaxing Beaches Will Still Be There For You

With so many options for enjoying the crystal clear waves of Seychelles inviting waters of the Indian Ocean, you’ll never be bored–unless you want to be! After enjoying a full and thrilling day of exciting water sports, it’s nice to know that you can always return to that warm, pristine beach, lie back down and let the waves gently lap on your toes again.

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