If you are currently lacking in self-confidence, you probably envy and admire people who have a lot of confidence in themselves. You too can improve your self-confidence by learning these confidence-boosting secrets.

1. Act as if you are confident

There is a common saying, “Fake it until you make it”. Very often, the simple act of pretending we are confident will give us the kick-start we need. Once we start taking action confidently, we start to trust our abilities more and more. Believe that you are confident, and chances are that you will be fired up to accomplish the things that matter to you!

2. Use affirmations to create greater confidence in yourself

You can improve your self-confidence by the use of well-chosen affirmations. Affirmations are short statements we make to ourselves and they can be either positive or negative. If you tell yourself, “I can’t do anything right”, that is an example of a negative affirmation that will destroy your confidence. Some examples of more positive affirmations would be, “I have many skills and I enjoy learning to use them”, or “I am improving in confidence daily”. If your mind is usually filled with very negative affirmations, you will have to repeat positive affirmations often to overcome your self-doubt.

3. Use visualization to become more confident

When you feel confident, you can imagine yourself succeeding at whatever you wish to do. When you lack confidence, you imagine that you will fail. Take control of your mental movies and start to envision yourself succeeding at the things you want to accomplish. Create mental images of yourself working at various tasks and succeeding. Let your self feel the happiness and confidence you would feel after accomplishing a task successfully. Repeat these positive visions many times every day.

4. Break large projects down into manageable bits

You may have goals that seem impossible to accomplish because you think the goal is very large and your ability to succeed is very small. Any large task can seem overwhelming and even impossible in the beginning. When you feel too overwhelmed to even begin, take the time to break your goal down into smaller steps. Then break the steps down into even smaller steps. Look at the steps, one at a time. Can you accomplish the smallest components? Chances are that when you break down a big project into smaller pieces, you will realize that you actually can accomplish the little bits. Then you just need to keep completing one step after another.

5. Give yourself credit when you are successful

Many people who lack confidence have developed the habit of criticizing their successes and magnifying their failures. Then they become afraid to start new projects because they believe they always fail at everything. They don’t remember all the times they have succeeded because they are focused on failures. You need to learn to take credit for your accomplishments. Allow yourself to acknowledge that you often succeed at things. Start keeping track of your successes in a notebook so you can remind yourself that you have skills and accomplishments.

By taking these steps you will reprogram your mind to realize that you are capable of accomplishing the things you want to do. When you know that you have the capability to do the things that are important to you, you will approach life with much more confidence.
Do you wish that you could look and behave in a more confident manner? If you have ever wondered how to overcome self doubt, this article will give you five useful steps you can take that will improve your self-confidence.
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