Have you been given the assignment to decorate a large room for a special gathering? Maybe you’re on the decorating committee for a school prom. Perhaps you’re putting on a celebration dinner for the graduates in your church and need to transform a boring church hall. Could it be a wedding reception you’re planning? Maybe it’s a Christmas party or similar celebration held in a gymnasium or recreation centre.

There are several simple and inexpensive touches you can add with the goal being to transform a standard room into one of ambiance. Here are a few tips:

  • hall_02Make a large room more intimate by first choosing the best part of the room for the gathering. Encircle it with plants or other décor leaving an obvious walk-through area. Watch out for tripping hazards that might not be seen when the lights are dimmed.
  • Choose decor colours. Unless the group has a set of official colours such a team or school colours they want included, choose elegant colours that work well together. Black and white is known for formality, purple and white gives a regal look. For more sparkle choose silver or gold with white or black.
  • If there is a picture window in the room, take advantage of it. Position dining or buffet tables near the window so diners can catch the view. When evening falls, the reflection of twinkle lights and glowing candles will bounce off the window glass offering a magical accent. Add battery operated twinkle lights to nearby plants or string them on structures. Add battery operated candles to your tabletops.
  • Create a focal point. If it’s is a function that requires a head table or stage, of course that will be the focal point. For a formal dinner with no head table, create a backdrop at one end of the room to serve as the focal point. A simple garden trellis or piece of white lattice decorated with greenery, flowers, twinkle lights, balloons, and perhaps tulle makes an elegant backdrop.
  • Arrange for cloth tablecloths. These don’t necessarily have to be in a certain colour. A neutral colour such as white or a shade that matches the room will allow you to add punches of colour with napkins, candles, flowers, and so forth.

For a highly visible event, consider hiring a professional decorator or use services the hall landlord may offer. In other cases, doing something to embellish a room is better than doing nothing. The atmosphere of a room really does make a party more festive.

Make a boring space come alive, and always ensure it is done with safety in mind. Ensure you have a plan for when the décor will be removed and by whom, and don’t forget to take some great pictures.