Inspiration can be found anywhere in our lives if we’re looking. It can be seen in the vibrant colors of the clothes we wear or the painted walls of the city. Its scent can be caught in the freshly baked loaves of bread at the bakery or in the fallen rain dappled over the pavement.

Inspiration can find its way into our hearts with the gentle touch of a loved one or heard in the laughter of someone we cherish. Inspiration is everywhere and anywhere we can imagine. And if you need to seek it out here are some great ways how.

Take a Walk

Take a walk outside your home or office and look at your landscape in a new light. Notice the little things as you enjoy yourself. Peer up at the sky and soak in all that you see. Is it a cloudy day or can you feel the warmth of the sun? Is there a gentle breeze listlessly pulling at the puffs of fluff overhead or do you feel a storm is on its way?

If there are any, take a quick look at the people around you. What are they doing? Do they seem happy or restless? Let your ears pick up the sounds of the cars zipping by or maybe the lack thereof. Is that normal for this hour? Clear your mind and then set it free, allowing it to roam and catch whatever it will.

Look Over Popular Articles

Sometimes the best moments of inspiration come from reading everyday articles you find online. Go onto a web browser and look up what’s currently brewing in your side of the world. Track down the articles that strike you as interesting and give them a good once over. Not only does this keep you up to date with what’s happening, but you might find that single sentence amidst many that grabs your attention and allows you to break through that mental block you were having.

Visit Your Local Bookstore or Library

Take some time out of your busy schedule and visit the local bookstore or library in your neighborhood. Bookstores and libraries carry a variety of intriguing topics, some you may have wanted to look over, but have never taken the time to. Do so now. Grab up any featured books that you keep looking over and find yourself a seat. Search for those familiar authors you turn to when you’re having an off day and see what they have to offer you.

Head down some of the aisles you have never shown interest in. Let yourself wander into these different sections and grab titles that perk your curiosity. If you check out something you don’t normally go for you might just surprise yourself by what you find.

Play a Game

Sometimes if you spend too much time actively seeking out inspiration it will slip right through your fingers. During these harsh delays in creativity let yourself relax by playing a game. It doesn’t matter whether it’s one outside or indoors, on the computer or with friends and family. Hold off on whatever you’re pouring yourself into, sit back and give yourself some “me” time.

This break can be a little valve to release and ease the tension from your mind. By allowing yourself to focus on something different you give yourself the chance to recharge your brain. Notice that the ideas that weren’t quite working before will slowly pull together.

Listen to Music

Music has always been and always will be a part of our lives in one form or another. And many people can attest that music has helped them through some of their toughest inspirational breakthroughs. If you’re the type that enjoys a steady beat or a little tune feel free to turn on some music while you’re working. Sample a variety of genres and find what works best for you with what you’re attempting to do.

With these ideas above your inspiration will return, reinvigorating your efforts to accomplish whatever you decide to put your mind to. If ever you find yourself stuck once again return to them and focus on the lessons that resounded most with you. Inspiration is and will always be within your grasp.

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