Have you ever walked into someone’s home and it felt suffocating and gray? Have you noticed how some people seem angry without saying a word and others seem to be happy before they even smile? Have you notice how you want to be near some people, but are repulsed by others? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are reading the subtle energy.

Each of us puts out subtle energies that can’t be seen or touched, but they are felt. Have you noticed that when you’re in a good mood people seem to gravitate to you, but when you’re in a bad mood they seem to stay away? It’s like you’re wearing a neon sign that announces your thoughts to the world. In fact, that’s pretty much what your subtle energy is doing – and your home is doing the same. You and the people who live in your home make up the subtle energy that each of you and visitors pick up on.

If there’s a lot of negativity from one or more persons in the home, the subtle energy will wear you down, leaving you tired all the time, and it can even make you sick. When you clear the energy, you’ll feel like you’ve done a thorough job of spring cleaning without lifting a mop. You just might want to lift that mop though, because your house now feels so clean you’ll also want it to look clean.

You’ll need a bell or chime. Brass chimes or bells found in metaphysical or Zen shops are good for this, but you can use any finely tuned bell or chime, including a tuning fork. You’ll want to purify both yourself and the instrument before you begin. Light a candle, and while holding the instrument and sitting in front of the candle, take three or four deep breaths. As you do so, remind yourself that your intention is to clear and release any negative or stale energy. Invite a protector to work with you. This can be a religious figure, a spirit guide, an angel, a loved one in spirit world, Love, or Divine Light. Speak a few words from your heart asking that you be kept safe while banning all unwanted energy from your home.

Next, blow out the candle and wave the smoke into your mind and heart, and then over your back and along your arms and legs. Also, wave the smoke over the bell or chime. As you do this, think about how the smoke from this sacred candle is purifying you and the instrument.


Begin to move around the room, ringing the instrument as you do and saying words such as, “Releasing and clearing all energy,” or “Cleansing all energy with Love,” or other similar words that feel right to you. Make sure you pay attention to dark corners and closets. Areas that are not exposed to sunlight may need extra cleansing.

Once you have cleansed the energy in your entire house, you may want to work on each room individually. Every room is different, so your intention should match the purpose for that room. The bedroom, for example, is for relaxing and love making. The kitchen may be for health and wellness while the living room may be for family gatherings and another room may be for creative activities.

When setting an intention for an individual room, sit quietly in the center of the room. State your intention, and then proceed as you did with the whole house clearing. Once you have completed a room, look about to see if the room matches your intention. For example, if you want to increase family harmony in the living room, place photos of happy family outings in that room.

Whether clearing the energy in one room or the entire house, you’ll notice a different in the subtle energy immediately. The house will feel lighter and so will you.

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