Daydreaming is really not the frivolous activity that our results-oriented culture often insists that it is. The scenarios that we envision during our flights of fancy will, if lent enough of our psychic energy, actually begin to emerge into the physical world and become real. The human imagination literally works to propel ideas from the inner world into the outer environment of our waking lives. It is, for this reason, a powerful promoter of our race’s evolution as we understand it.

Mythology has always worked to mobilize the human imagination. Myth offers up a mirror that reflects the broad sweep of our inner visions, from our darkest nightmares to our most treasured ideals. As these visions have changed over time our race has spiritually evolved. We have undergone psychological and even physical transformations as well. Science has even been able to corroborate the relationship between imagination and human evolution to a certain extent.

Daydreaming is a creative activity, and it can yield positive results if we consciously utilize it as such. If we take the time to envision a different kind of society or a different way of being then we begin to manifest these things. This is not just metaphysical or philosophical speculation. The act of daydreaming about events that we long to experience can have very practical results, as writers and teachers who are passionate about the law of attraction often point out.

The content of our daydreams can also teach us a lot about our own gifts and aspirations. Even farfetched fantasies typically revolve around some kernel of truth. That truth could lead us to treasures that we may never have suspected were within us. Our fantasies have some basis in fact; they constitute a kind of incipient direction, a blueprint of the various potentials within us that could become realities if we begin acting on them.

This sense of direction can be lost if we never take our daydreams seriously.  We need to try and tune in to what they are telling us. Oftentimes, it is our images of ourselves that prevent our lives from expanding in more fulfilling ways. We can only become as big as we can envision ourselves becoming. If we push the imaginativeboundaries within our minds through the creative use of daydreaming then possibilities can open up in our “real” lives.

One of the challenges of the spiritual life is to learn to use our imaginations constructively. When we have been wounded, frightened and/or humiliated it is far too easy to dwell on dark daydreams that only serve to reinforce – and even recreate – negative experiences in our waking lives. The conscious use of imagination for positive purposes can require a lot of energy when it seems to fly in the face of established “fact”. It may seem impractical to envision joy and fulfillment when the evidence in our lives seems to point the other way. But the reward for this effort can be tremendous. It can paint that picture in all new colors.


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