Young and already brilliant, Johanan Jeffrey Dujon is the type of man capable of changing the world. The creator of Algas Total Plant Tonic, an environmentally friendly booster for plants, he’s all set to take the world by storm and safeguard the future for us all.

In January of this year, a young inventor entered the public consciousness for the first time. Johanan Jeffrey Dujon, a graduate of St. Mary’s College, received the Young Entrepreneur Award from the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture, and all eyes were on him as he stepped forward to accept it.

His product could prove to be revolutionary. An environmentally friendly plant booster developed and manufactured by this remarkable young man, it uses Sargasso seaweed in place of more damaging products to help stimulate root growth.

Making Use of Seaweed

Dujon first began to formulate the idea behind his Algas Total Plant Tonic in 2014, after an influx of seaweed in his local area. Trying to think of a use for this naturally abundant raw material, he relied on his background in biology to help him find an answer.

With support from the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture and the UNDP Global Environment Fund, he realised that he could extract an ingredient found in the seaweed, and use this as a key component in an environmentally-friendly plant booster.

Economic & Environmentally Friendly

The way that the product works is by stimulating root growth in the plants. This allows them to draw more water so that those who utilise the product save on both irrigation and water costs. As a result, water usage can be scaled back by around 30 percent, and environmentally damaging fertilisers by around 50 percent.

It is also more economical to buy. Suitable for use on everything from flowers to crops, it is around 20 percent cheaper than traditional alternatives like MiracleGro and is entirely organic to boot.

Sandals for Support

It is little wonder, then, that Dujon’s brilliance was recognised early on by leading luxury resort Sandals. Committed to environmental awareness, it has sought through Dujon to not only promote a product in keeping with its ethics but also to support a young entrepreneur in the local area.

And Dujon has no intention of stopping now. Although he has repeatedly voiced his appreciation for Sandals and their faith in him, his next endeavour is to introduce his products to American and West African markets, as well as expanding its visibility within the region.

A Better Future for All

Brilliant, enterprising, and evidently committed to his goal, it seems hard to imagine that imminent failure could lie ahead. With a unique selling point entirely compatible with increasing environmental awareness around the world, one must have every faith that Johanan Jeffrey Dujon will achieve anything he sets out to.

Young he may be, but also inspirational. With his passion, intelligence, and innate business sense, success is surely his for the taking. Let’s hope that he helps to carve out a brighter future for us all.

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