Perceiving and interacting with the world with an attitude of non-judgment can be a powerful spiritual practice in and of itself. Many people find that when they make a conscious effort to see the best in others then they feel more deeply connected with their own inner creativity, strength and joy. If we consider the world that we experience to be the reflection of our inner condition then it’s not too hard to see how living without judging is also a way of affirming ourselves.

By the same token, when we judge others we disparage our own inner selves. This is what Christ was referring to in his well-known admonition, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” This does not mean that an omniscient being is sitting in the heavens making note of our actions in order to dole out punishments whenever we judge someone. Rather, Christ was referring to what judgment does to us energetically. It opens us up to the same field of negativity that we’re nurturing with our own thoughts. We get what we focus upon.

Negative thoughts about people, places and experiences can constrict our consciousness to a severe degree. A world of wonder and mystery waits to receive us each day. It beckons us in our dreams and makes itself known through signs and synchronicities. But judgment will hold the doors closed to all of this. Maybe it’s because every part of the living universe, when regarded through the eyes of love, will respond in kind. It will open up and reveal its inner beauty and mystery. Modern science has taught us to trust our physical senses and out intellects above all else. But our hearts play a crucial role in our perception of the world that surrounds us.

A loving regard for reality unlocks the magic in our lives and draws more love to us. Judgment blinds our eyes to the beauty of life and ensures that we, too, will be judged.

Non-judgment enables us to see the grace in another person as well as in ourselves. It’s not easy to pursue as a daily practice. Judgments can oftentimes be tenacious within people, even if they are basically kind-hearted and open minded. Do we believe that they serve as some form of protection for us? Do we believe that we might somehow bolster ourselves by pointing out the shortcomings of others? The reality is that each one of us elevates ourselves by recognizing the good qualities in others. Living without judging gives us the space we need to become aware of our own divinity.

Living with an attitude of non-judgment engages the imagination, will and emotions. It paints a picture of the world that may be far different from the one that we’ve long been accustomed to. For most of us, it requires continuous effort and moment-to-moment self-awareness. But the reward is a profound expansion of our world and our experience. We’re free to perceive the magic and mystery of life without negative and critical mental mantras pulling blinders over our eyes.