The Top Ten Ways to Spend Less Money on Clothes

Choosing Clothes

Even if  fashion matters to you a great deal, it is possible to save a lot of money by making some simple but effective compromises. Taking a closer look at the contents of your closet and changing a few things about your shopping strategy can end up having a dramatic influence on your bank balance. Read on to discover the top ten ways to spend less money on clothes.

1) Buy clothes ahead of schedule:
As the weather heats up or cools down, last season’s clothes are often marked down in order to make way for more suitable new items in stores. You can reduce the amount of cash you spend on clothes by trying to pick up next year’s summer dresses this fall, or by shopping for next winter’s thick coat as soon as stores start stocking up on spring fashion.

2) Take another look at abandoned clothes:
If you go through all of your closets and drawers, you might find that you now want to wear things that you previously put aside. For example, you may now be slim enough to look good in a form-fitting top that you threw to the back of your closet, or you may realize that an unfashionable item has suddenly become trendy. If you have accumulated a lot of excess clothes over the years, rediscovering them can substantially reduce your need to spend money on new items.

3) Shop for other people’s unwanted items:
Sites like eBay and Craigslist can help you to find brand new and secondhand items of clothing that are typically much less expensive than they would be in a store. This method of clothes shopping is a smart way to get good quality and fashionable new outfits for a fraction of their usual cost. Bidding for clothes can often result in huge bargains, as you may be the only bidder and can develop a smart strategy of bidding at the last minute.

4) Use accessories to transform an outfit:
If you learn how to use accessories in an effective way, you will be less likely to need many new items of clothing. For example, a standard black dress can look entirely different when paired with a chunky belt, a silk scarf or a brightly colored necklace.

5) Buy clothes that you can wash at home:
If many of your items of clothing need to be dry cleaned when they get dirty, you will ending spending a large amount of extra money on their upkeep. Always check the labels of new items and make sure that they can be washed and dried in your own home.

6) Sell clothes that you really don’t need:
You can make quite a bit of extra money by selling unwanted shirts, dresses, coats, pants and skirts. In particular, you can justify charging more for items that still have their tags attached, as this proves that they are in brand new condition. If you know that certain clothes will never fit you or never suit your style, put them on auction websites and advertise them online.

7) Always compare prices before you buy:
When you’re shopping for a new item of clothing that you definitely need or desperately want, make sure that you are getting the best deal. Sometimes, a quick search will reveal that you can buy the same item online for a much lower price.

8) Avoid the temptation to buy too many things in sales:
A sale can make you think that you should buy items that you don’t really need, just because you are impressed by the reduction in their prices. Avoid buying sale items unless they will be frequently used and are genuinely appealing to you.

9) Investigate Goodwill stores:
Although you might imagine that all clothing in charity stores will be scuzzy and outdated, you may be surprised by the number of new and attractive new items that you can find. Sometimes, people will get of large amounts of good quality clothing when moving house or after a dramatic change in weight.

10) Shop for things that complement what you already own:
When you see something that you want to buy, consider whether it will complement other items that are already in your closet. This strategy will help you to spend less. For example, you might realize that a dark orange shirt is unlikely to go with any of your pants or skirts, but notice that a smart black vest top will look good with a wide range of different bottom halves.


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