With the golf season right around the corner every avid golfer is getting amped up to dust off the clubs and hit the greens. While this might be exciting, for most there are a few out there who unfortunately are unpacking a wicked slice or killer draw with those clubs. Here are a couple of tips to straighten out the curve of your ball and really pick up some distance on the drive.

There are 3 major causes for a curve on the ball that can be easily named but will take some practice to correct. The main hurdles you want to keep an eye on are your stance, the position of your club face on impact and your follow through. Without fail it is one of these bad habits that is affecting your game. It is probably best to work through these from the simplest to the hardest to fix. The follow through on a swing is a simple motion that can be corrected with a bucket of balls at the driving range. Too often when people are trying to land that perfect drive as they make contact with the ball they can’t overcome the desire to look up and watch their drive soar. Unfortunately this shift in their gaze actually shifts the position of their body and can create some interesting twists on the line of the ball. Ensure when you are in mid-swing your focus is on making solid contact with the ball. Once that ball is airborne you will have plenty of time to watch it f ly.

The next is the face of the club on contact. To fix this take some time in slow motion swings. Try to get a feeling for gripping the club in a way that it is making contact flush with the ball. More often than not this is what is causing the curve on your drive. Again the cost of fixing this habit is merely a session at the driving range and some patience.

The last and unfortunately the worst culprit of them all, is the stance. A stance is something that, if developed correctly, will do wonders for your golf game. Unfortunately for most, we don’t take the time to dedicate to learning the correct stance. If you have corrected the other two problems and are still stuck, unfortunately the solution is to drop some cash and go take a one hour session from a pro. There are literally hundreds of things that could be wrong with your stance and affecting the drive of your ball. A pro will be able to save you time and much agony by accurately assessing the problem and helping you to correct it.

This is all it will take folks to fix that slice or draw on your ball. Take the time, make the effort and get rid of these bad habits and you are sure to see the line of your ball straighten up and fly right. Breaking bad habits is what the New Year is all about and if you dedicate the time you are sure to see that ball fly farther.

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