Bella Cat has been blazing a soulful trail across the music scene with her debut album ‘Corrupted’ recorded in Nashville Tennesse earlier this year. Bella Cat caters to each audience, keeping them on their feet with her raw talent, a mélange of classic blues and modern rock’ n roll. Her magnificent, enthralling voice is unique and unforgettable and with her magnetism and vocal swagger, Bella Cat is in a category of her own. The effortless grace and power of her performances are simply stunning and at a beautiful, authentic and dynamic 23 years, audiences are compelled to enter her world. Bella continues to perform where she can give the people a heart stomp’n, love kick’n, swing dance’n performance and is looking forward to releasing her new album which will be recorded in Chicago.

Bella Cat  arguably has the most enthralling, soulful voice in the area. Belting lyrics reminiscent of the great soul-blues singers of the past, the young woman from Old Chelsea, Quebec – which is about 15-minutes north of Ottawa – released a terrific debut EP this year entitled, Corrupted.

Bella Cat Le blues revisité

Bella Cat a surpris la scène musicale canadienne avec ”Corrupted” enregistré à Nashville, Tennessee en 2014! Bella sait plaire à une vaste audience et les garde en haleine avec sa présence incomparable. Avec un mélange de blues et de rock, sa voix envoutante et son magnétisme sur scène, Bella Cat occupe une classe à part.  La force de ses performances sont à la fois magnifiques et authentiques, surprenant pour une jeune femme de 23 ans. Bella continue de performer à coup d’amour au coeur et entraîne son audience irrésistiblement à danser.  Soyez prêt pour son prochain album qu’elle enregistrera à Chicago.