Co-Streiff is a Swiss saxophonist based near Zurich. Thanks to various tours, not only in Europe but also in Africa and other parts of the world, she’s developed a deep musical knowledge of different cultures. She then has included some of those influences in her style, a kind of always melodic and forever evolving modern jazz. She’s already recorded more than ten albums, either as a solo artist, or in collaboration with other musicians like Russ Johnson.

Swiss saxophonist Co Streiff and her sextet offer a virtual sightseeing tour of progressive jazz dipped in a variety of world-music including Middle Eastern modal structures. Barriers don’t exist here as the band take in avant-blues riffs, torrid improvisational maneuvers and much more. It’s an entertaining ride. On “Chtau,” Ben Jeger’s revved-up Farfisa keyboard sounds like a mini-Moog.

Co-Streiff «Complexe et improvisé, mélodique et moderne»

Co-Streiff est une saxophoniste suisse basée à Zurich. Grâce à des tournées non seulement en Europe, mais aussi en Afrique ou dans d’autres régions du globe, elle a acquis une solide connaissance musicale de ces cultures et a incorporé leurs influences dans son style, un jazz moderne toujours mélodique, et en constante évolution. Elle a déjà enregistré plus de dix albums, soit en solo, soit en collaborations avec d’autres artistes comme Russ Johnson.