Performing together since 2001, the seventeen musicians that compose the marching-band Follow Jah usually perform in Petion-Ville for Carnival and other traditional and community occasions. Enjoying the support of the Caracoli Association, they are also involved in other activities like education through arts, stage and actions aimed at young audiences. Since 2012, Follow Jah provide evening entertainment during the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival.

Created in February 2001, the walking bank “Follow Jah” evolves Petion-ville, on the occasion of Carnival and other traditional festivals and community. In 2012, “Follow Jah” was chosen to host the 6th edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Port-au-Prince and the Opening Parade of theater Quatre Chemins.

Follow Jah « Des habitués du Festival »

Réunis depuis 2001, les dix-sept musiciens de la bande à pied Follow Jah évoluent à Pétion-ville, à l’occasion du Carnaval et autres fêtes traditionnelles et communautaires. Encadrés par l’association Caracoli, ils s’aventurent également sur d’autres terrains comme l’éducation par les arts, la scène ou les actions en direction du jeune public. Depuis 2012, Follow Jah anime les soirées du Festival International de Jazz de Port-au-Prince.

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