Jowee Omicil is an accomplished musician, a sax virtuoso. He’s been on stage with great jazz musicians such as Branford Marsalis, Marcus Miller and Kenny Garrett. His style is inspired by all sorts of music, like Konpa, blues, funk or gospel. His Haitian roots are ever-present in his style that shows s infectious happiness. Recently, he’s released a new album called “Naked”, another jewel in his musical career. He’ll be featured in Tabou Combo’ concert.

Born in Montreal to Haitian parents, Jowee was once summoned to honour his heritage at a Haitian Flag Day observation at the Obama White House, further strengthening his resolve that his music has a higher purpose.

Jowee Omicil brings a novel and distinctly Afro-Haitian perspective to his music.  He is a part of a growing cadre of Caribbean-descended artists bringing new flavours to the creative music spectrum. Jowee possesses a distinctive, soulful and spiritual sound on saxophones and flutes that extends to his clarinet and harmonica ventures.

Jowee Omicil « une énergie communicative, une créativité débordante »

Jowee Omicil est un musicien accompli qui manie en virtuose le saxophone. Il a partagé la scène avec de très grands noms du jazz comme Brandford Marsalis, Marcus Miller ou Kenny Garrett. Son jazz est influencé aussi bien par le konpa que par le blues, le funk ou le gospel. Ses racines haïtiennes sont omniprésentes dans son art qui montre une joie communicative. Il a sorti un nouvel album récemment : « Naked », un élément de plus dans son évolution musicale. Il est l’artiste invité de Tabou Combo.