It’s difficult to define Laurent de Wilde; a truly tireless worker. He is a French pianist whose life has been spent between France and the USA. He is also a writer, famous for a book about Thelonious Monk. His musical career is made of numerous albums that encompass very different styles like classic jazz, electronic jazz and even more experimental music. Additionally he has won the Django Reinhart prize and a Victoire de la Musique (French equivalent of the Grammys). Laurent De Wilde Power Trio will be on the PAPJAZZ stages with his repertoire from the last album « Over the clouds » ; the trio is composed of Laurent De Wilde on the piano, Ira Coleman on the accoustic bass and Donald Kontomanou on drums.

Laurent de Wilde is one of the most innovative pianists in the past 25 years. He was born in Washington in 1960 and went back to France for four years with his family where he went to school. At 22 years old he travelled to New York to learn jazz and that’s where he found happiness. As a student at Brooklyn he also learnt a lot about music, America and the life of a musician.

After several years of electronic sound adventures, he has come up with a formula that is dear to him and works tremendously, the accoustic trio: piano- bass- drums.

Laurent de Wilde Power Trio « Emmener le jazz là où on ne l’attend pas »

Il est difficile de définir le travailleur prolifique qu’est Laurent de Wilde. C’est un pianiste français dont la vie balance entre la France et les USA. Cependant, il est aussi un écrivain reconnu grâce à un livre sur Thelonius Monk. Il a enregistré une multitude d’albums, aussi bien de jazz classique que de jazz électronique ou de musiques plus expérimentales. Il a aussi gagné le prix Django Reinhart et une Victoire de la musique en France.

Laurent De Wilde Power Trio sera sur les scènes du Festival avec le répertoire du dernier album «Over the clouds», le trio est compose de Laurent De Wilde au piano, Ira Coleman à la contrebasse et Donald Kontomanou à la batterie.