Born on February 7th of 1988, Miu is the daughter of a saxophonist and a milliner. She came to life with deep artistic senses. Her first singing experience was great having reached the semi finals of a contest with her very own first original composition on a Dancehall rhythm. A remarkable beginning considering she had never even been inside a recording studio before. Miu started her vocal career by trying out  for the ‘Soleil Sounds System’ contest in November 2006. In 2007, she had opportunities to perform on numerous stages and on TV in the Haitian capital, and took part in Musique en Folie. In 2008, she competed in an international contest, resulting in her winning to collaborate on a single with the American star T-Pain. She also shared the stage with Khali, Luck Mervil, Eddy Francois, Belo, MikaBen, Alan Cavé, and numerous others.

A polyvalent artist, she is a composer and a vocalist that blends numerous styles of the ‘Urban Music’ (hip-hop, reggae, soul, RnB, pop, etc). Her very first album “Unexpected” has just been issued in November 2014 and is available online.

Miu « Chanteuse talentueuse de la nouvelle génération Musiques Urbaines Haïtienne »

Miu débute dans la chanson par un essai au concours « Soleil Sounds System » en novembre 2006. En 2007, elle enchaîne les prestations sur de nombreuses scènes et plateaux télés de la capitale haitienne, et participe à Musique en Folie. En 2008, elle participe à un concours international, duquel résulte un single avec la vedette américaine T-Pain. Elle partagera également la scène avec Khali, Luck Mervil, Eddy Francois, Belo, MikaBen, Alan Cavé et bien d’autres. Artiste polyvalente, elle compose et chante, en fusionnant de nombreux styles de la « Urban Music » (hip-hop, reggae, soul, RnB, pop etc.). Son tout premier album “Unexpected” est disponible en ligne depuis novembre 2014.