Rutshelle Guillaume is a young Haitian singer who started her career by taking part in projects involving BIC, Barikad Crew or Fantom. She has pursued her musical studies thanks to trainings with Emeline Michel, Stevenson Théodore and James Germain, and joined the Vwa Lye project in 2013. This year (2014), Rutshelle started a solo career and her first single ‘Kite’m Krye’ was released. Since then, she has become very active, both at local and international level, having performed in New York last September.

Rutshelle Guillaume was born on July 28 in Port au Prince in Haiti. It was in the year 2011 that her musical career took off and she became known in the Haitian musical universe. Rutshelle began singing at the age of 5 years as part of her local church choir.

Her first album ‘Emotions’ is now available on iTunes, Amazon CD and can also be bought in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Rutshelle Guillaume « une promesse de la chanson haitienne »

Rutshelle Guillaume est une jeune chanteuse haïtienne. Elle débute sa carrière en participant à des projets impliquant BIC, Barikad Crew ou Fantom. Elle poursuit ses études musicales par le biais d’une formation avec Emeline Michel, Stevenson Théodore et James Germain et est intégrée en 2013 au projet Vwa Lye. Cette année, Rutshelle se lance dans une carrière solo et sort son premier album « Kite’m Krye » et depuis, elle enchaine les scènes locales et internationales et était notamment à Haiti deploge à New York en septembre dernier.