Est-il vraiment nécessaire de présenter Tabou Combo ? Ce groupe légendaire haïtien a été fondé en 1967, et n’a cessé, depuis, de sillonner le monde, leur succès ne s’étant jamais démenti. Leurs messages sont parfois citoyens, et leur musique toujours groovy, dominée par le konpa, mais aussi avec des influences funk et rara. Le groupe a toujours su évoluer à travers le temps en intégrant de jeunes musiciens au sein de sa formation.

Pour la 9eme édition, c’est le mighty Tabou Combo qui clôturera le Festival en fête!

Is it really necessary to introduce Tabou Combo? This legendary Haitian band was formed in 1967, and hasn’t stopped travelling the world since with their success keeping them at the top. Their message is sometimes about citizen involvement, and their music is always groovy, dominated by konpa, but also with other influences like funk and rara. The band has always managed to evolve through time by recruiting young musicians for their lineup. For this 9th edition, Mighty Tabou Combo will be the closing act of this jubilant Festival!

Their infectious, indigenous rhythms have been rocking audiences from Japan to Miami for more than three decades. They are the original ambassadors of Haitian music and have played in nearly every major world festival. Tabou Combo got started in 1968 in Petion-Ville, a town just outside Port-au-Prince, by Albert Chancy and Herman Nau and some friends, all in their teens. They began by naming themselves “Los Incognitos”, because they were unknown at that time. They changed to Tabou Combo in 1969, in order to bare a name closer to the Haitian culture. Also in 1969, the band won first prize in a televised talent contest, gaining a national reputation in Haiti, and by 1970 it was one of the island’s leading bands.