Jones. E Mondesir
Hardcover,1992 (Reprint 2011) 642 pages
Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter; Reprint 2011 ed. edition (1 July 1992)
ISBN-10: 3110126257

St. Lucian Creole (Kweyol) is a variety of Caribbean French- lexicon Creole spoken by a significant majority of the population of the state of St. Lucia in the Windward group of the Lesser Antilles.

A distinctive characteristic of this Kweyol-English/English-Kweyol dictionary is the manner in which Mondesir’s glosses treat St. Lucian and English on an equal footing. Mondesir does not record only the literal and concrete levels of meaning; he includes in his entries the fullness of the figurative value of the items, illustrating them with a rich provision of sample sentences and expressions. On a technical level, the examples in the dictionary also offer valuable data for those interested in the syntax of the language.

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