J R Gelin
Paperback, 2012, 112 pages
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN-10: 1622300327

Since gaining its independence from France in 1804, after a brutal war that lasted over a decade, Haiti has been fighting for its own survival in face of natural catastrophes and political disturbances associated with military coups or with invasions by the United States or the United Nations.

Haiti Once Again offers an analysis of relevant points in the country’s history and makes the connection with the AIDS stigma and its religious counterpart, the myth of the divine curse. The book presents a detailed analysis of the message of the satanic pact that has become so popular among some televangelists and missionaries, in an effort to allow the reader to develop an informed opinion on this subject and a few others concerning Haiti. If only the truth can set us free, its opposite will certainly keep us in bondage – even if we think we are free.