Kathryn Masson

Hardcover, 2006, 256 pages

Publisher: Rizzoli International

ISBN-10: 0847828611

Virginia is rich in history and American culture. “Great Houses of Virginia” will present the best of its important and elegant houses. Each house is architecturally significant and has colorful, beautifully detailed interiors. Each is also either linked to a famous and historic American, region, or event, or is a particularly fine example of an architectural style. Further, each of these houses is either a National Historic Landmark, a Virginia State Historic Landmark, a city landmark, or on the National Register of Historic Places or one of the state or regional registers. Among the houses featured are Monticello, Mt. Vernon, the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg, Governor’s House in Richmond, Poplar Forest, Oatlands, Custis Lee Mansion (home of Robert E. Lee), and Tuckahoe (Thomas Jefferson’s Childhood home).