Osno Monto
Paperback, 2015, 30 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform;
1 edition (2 Sept. 2015)
ISBN-10: 1517151503

Eating breakfast with Perica & Arepas is one of the most typical culinary customs of the Venezuelan people. A delicious meal, very easy to prepare by following this illustrated recipe. It explains step by step everything you need to know to make “Perica”, no matter the country where you are so you can enjoy this delicious Venezuelan food. The recipe also includes preparation of the delicious “Arepas”, a kind of bread made with white corn, a real delicacy. It also teaches you how to open the arepas to be able to develop this other tempting dish: “Stuffed Arepas”, filled with the most diverse ingredients and stews. It has become the star dish of street food. It is now a bestseller in countless shops across the Venezuelan geography, and now very well accepted too in the international markets such as the United States and Europe. It has created great opportunities for new entrepreneurs whose dreams are to achieve economic independence in the beautiful sales business of prepared food.