Paceo’s album ‘Circles’ is a trance-like movement, a journey from her upbringing n the Ivory Coast through floating African melodies and then jazzy Parisian saxophones, textured trumpets and organic electronic hip hop straight from the US. It’s a real work of art this album. Each sound, note and layer so intricately placed and thought out to achieve exactly what Paceo wanted, a transcendental movement of waves. A journey. A circle if you like.

There does not seem to be a real form to the album, it’s beautiful in its confusion taking elements of Scandinavia from her travels around the world and influencers such as James Blake to finely hone her curiosity with melody and the different techniques and pathways to explore such a complicated structure such as melody.

The way Paceo uses a mixture, a fusion of styles to bring beauty to the ears is never more prevalent than in ‘Polar Night’, the march of the military drums driving you forward and the eeriness of the voice enabling the listener to lose themselves in the black whiteness of a polar night.

Paceo uses Asian and African influences in ‘Myanmar Folk Song’ and ‘Sunshine’ respectively. The chanting nature of Asian and African music brings real peacefulness and beauty to an album filled with intrigue and mystique, rare gem after rare gem filling the ears.

We very much hope Paceo’s album ‘Circles’ becomes as well travelled as she is.

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