Haitian International artist BélO has released his new album titled Natif Natal (Native Born). The album expresses BélO as a passionate and extremely talented composer. The social crusader is first a lyricist before a music composer, and it comes as no surprise that the first track “Detripay” (Gutted) depicts the world being pulled apart from the inside out revealing prostitution, human trafficking and rape. BélO’s poetic vision and his colourful Kreyol proverbs are put on full display in Natif Natal.

The album continues to portray important messages of hope, holding on to love and dealing with society’s difficult expectations. Natif Natal is an album dedicated to mankind and the dream of a world without borders (Track 11 Citizen of World).

Natif Natal is produced by Jean Belony Murat a.k.a BélO; arranged/final mix by Andy Barrow. BélO refused to be shackled by the limitations of one genre and threw a wider net to capture various sounds for Natif Natal. Effortlessly, BélO’s sound leaps from his native traditional Haitian roots, Rock/Pop, old school Reggae, vintage Bossa Nova and R&B. The structural shift across the whole album is very apparent. BélO’s signature jazzy touch from his second album reappears while cultivating a more organic sound.

The album showcases upcoming local Haitian vocalist like Mandela and Queen Bee. The album features numerous other artists from around the world: Fabrice Rouzier, Clement Belizaire, Wesner St-Louis, Andy Barrow and many more great artists.