Love, Herbs and Reggae, is the fifth album by Taj Weekes and his band Adowa, released in February 2016 on Jatta Records. Taj starts his album with the message: “Let your voice be as loud as your silence.”  Backed by Adowa–the roots group that has been Taj’s backbone since the beginning, the album is packed with finely-tuned tracks taking you back to the Reggae roots.

Throughout the album, Taj delivers strong messages, describes current events and calls the people to arms.  The opening track, “Let Your Voice”, calls for actions against social inequalities. It softly rolls over Taj’s acoustic rhythm guitar. Topped by the piano it creates a distinct sound and adds that “folk sway”.

In “Life In The Red”, Taj defies consumerism. He holds nothing back and takes on the issue of pursuit
of what is easy over what is right : “I traded my day for the convenience of life,” and later, “Still I can’t be what I wanted to be/ I look back on yesterday morning.”

“Rebels to the Streets” calls for revolution and “Bullet for a Gun” condemns gun violence.

But, there is, of course, plenty of love too. “Was It You” is very romantic, “Full Sight” is about love and desire and “Here I Stand” calls for universal love.

Overall it is a fantastic album and I would advise all Reggae lovers to add this one to the collection.