This upbeat and lively album from CQMD stays true to their excellent soulful horn sections of old. It’s feel good and it’s funky and you can’t help at the end of each track to move as quickly as possible on to the next.

Born out of France in 1992, CQMD has enjoyed success in the past, signing for EMI and having played at the famous Bataclan Theatre (now unfortunately infamous for the shocking terrorist attacks in Paris in 2016).

Whilst some of CQMD’s previous albums have been slightly more mellow in tone and tempo this certainly does not follow that pattern at all. It’s funky and heart warming and there is real presence about the tracks. The horns are punchy and in your face but do not take away from the vocal work of their leader, ‘Superclark’ the bands founder.

Instant classics can be found in ‘Mojo’, ‘Malabar’ and ‘Feel Sorry’ with a guest appearance from Rosemary Standley who has collaborated with greats such as ‘The Lightening 3’, ‘Dom La Nena’ and ‘The Helstroffer Ensemble’.

All in all this is another terrific example of why CQMD have been around for so long at the top of their game. It’s a great album that requires nothing more than to sit back, relax and enjoy