Chris Ardoin, Lafayette, Louisiana based Zydeco accordionist and singer, is credited for forming the nouveau zydeco sound, a new style of music that fused traditional zydeco with hip-hop and R&B. He has released his latest CD – “Back Home”.

The 17-track album was launched at Mardi Gras 2014 and has been topping charts on iTunes, Amazon and Google play. This
is a rare but great achievement f or a Zydeco musician. Chris is pleasantly surprised: “That is amazing to me, for the culture, it’s a big thing to get that kind of response to an album. The album started getting a lot of buzz when I dropped the album cover. The picture was taken in front of an old house on the back of my property. I think it caught a lot of people’s attention.”

Shortly after “Back Home” was released it reached the Billboard music charts. Not to be missed!

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