Admittedly it was a surprise to all when Chris Simmons released these two back to back singles last August. After the death of his brother nearly three years previously in 2015, the majority of his local Brighton Followers, in the UK, did not expect a comeback. Both “Deepest Wound” and “Gold Dust” are unique. They are both emotive and powerful in evoking honesty. The use of just his voice and gently plucked velvety strings washes over the listener in waves. It has a similar sound to artists such as Passenger and Sufjan Stevens; heartfelt and frail yet pushing through the contexts of meditation, morality and love.

Although melancholic, it is contrasting to a break-up song, there is a subtle undertone that pushes through lyrically, portraying the idea of acceptance and that everything will be alright.

Released 25th August 2017 by Manilla Public