Dennis Paul Williams brings mellow, bluesy tones to zydeco guitar and listening to this album instils a sense of calm into the soul of those fortunate enough to be on the receiving end. After having moved from being a member of his brothers band ‘Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas’ where he is an electric guitarist, his transition into soulful, minimal acoustic is a delight and one that comes with ease.

It’s a spiritual album with songs that take the audience into a trance-like state of mind, it’s very easy to let the music wash over you and become a part of Williams’ journey. He offers undeniable skill in the higher regions in his fretwork all the while keeping us in check with carefully placed bass notes, holding firm the structural integrity of each track.

There’s a very cohesive atmosphere right the way through, it has the feeling of one piece split beautifully into 12 different elements. You get the deep connective tissue of tranquillity that runs thematically through the core of the album but with a sprinkling of hope, (‘The Miracle Song’) warmth and welcoming (‘Morning Light’) and then the slightly disturbed nature of tracks such as ‘Contour Song’ with its minor tones and scaled Spanish melody, light almost catlike fingers that dance between the frets, firing real passion into this track.

Whatever Dennis Paul Williams sprinkled into each track, we’d like him to keep doing so.