This brother sister duo delve deep into the depths of Latin feeling in this record, ‘Guajira + Mas Guajira’, the name Maria Ochoa gives to her brother. The well-known delicacy and pertinence that Eliades brings to his records is there, make no mistake. But this time he’s complemented and, at times, outdone by the wonderful vocals of his sister Maria.

This is no one-dimensional album. From the sobering, sombre approach of ‘Que Signan Sonanando Las Campanas’, the record switches straight over to the feisty, fiesta-esque nature of ‘El Punto Cubano’. There is a real sense of camaraderie between the siblings, understandably. Intertwining the melody through each others’ instruments. The fluidity and calm with which Eliades plays, allows for the raspy, husky voice of his sister to shine through and get the recognition it deserves. The collateral of this is a wonder, it allows the smoothness of Eliades’ guitar playing, and not his driving voice (which is usually the star) to fall into the arms and ears of the audience.

Special mention must be made to Alma Latina, the flawless 8 piece band behind the duo that bring the whole piece to life.

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